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Hydrological observations under the changing environment and scarcity.

Including the monitoring of quantity and quality of atmospheric, surface and ground water.


River regimes and hydrological extremes under the changing environment.

Emphasis will be on how the river system and the nature of floods and droughts respond to these environmental changes.


Simulation and prediction of surface water and groundwater processes under the impact of human activities.

New advance in modeling development and understanding of hydrological processes.


Urban hydrology and sponge city.

Cutting-edge approaches of urban hydrology and their applications in the development of the sponge city.


Multi-objective water resources allocation and operation.

Eco-environmental friendly and multi-objective approaches for better and efficient water resources utilizations.


Integrated watershed management including eco-hydrology and socio-hydrology.

Ecological and societal based approaches for watershed management.


Water quality and sediment transport including coastal hydrology: changes under climate change and human activities.

Better understanding of the water quality and sediment transport under environmental changes.


River health and ecological baseflow under changing environment.

Focusing on the assessment of river health, the relationship between the health of aquatic ecosystem and river, and estimation of ecological baseflow.

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               April 30, 2018

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               May 15, 2018

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